Tuesday, July 4th 2017.

7:15 AM... Parade Set-Up @ GLC

7:45 to 8:15 AM... Shuttle runs from Macy's (lower level parking lot) at Monroeville Mall to Miracle Mile Parade Starting Point.

9 AM... Parade Starts!

11 AM... Parade ends at Macy's. Volunteers will leave in their personal vehicles from Macy's.

11:30 AM... Tear down @ GLC. Don't forget to wear your Jesus Saves Yinz Apparel!!!!!!!


What should we wear to the parade?
Wear you favorite GLC gear that is available in our UROG store at all services during the weekend! We just kicked off our new merch line, "JESUS SAVES YINZ" and encourage you to help us to introduce this new brand and life-giving message to the community by wearing the "Jesus Saves Yinz" merch at the parade!  (Also, please be sure to wear sturdy shoes that you will be comfortable walking in for a long period of time.)

2. Where should I park the morning of?
The parade route will start in front of Miracle Mile and end at the Mall in front of Macy's. We encourage all team members to park at Macy's and utilize our shuttles to be driven to the start of the parade. Once the parade is finished it is your responsibility to return to your vehicle.
3. Why do we do the parade?
The mission of Grace Life Church is to reach the lost at any cost- where is a better place to start other than in our own community! We march in the parade not only to celebrate America's independence, but also to celebrate and spread the freedom found in Jesus! Help us pass out some ice cold water, bring a smile, and most importantly be prepared to change lives this 4th of July!

4. How can I help?
At all of our weekend services we are collected water bottles! We want to get an ice cold water in everyone's hands during the parade. Help us to reach our goal of over 3000 water bottles! Plus, don't forget to sign-up to volunteer to walk with us in parade!!

5. Who can walk in the parade?
Strollers, teenagers, grandmas, dads, toddlers, pups, and everyone in between is welcome to walk with GLC! We do ask that all volunteers please sign-up. ** Reminder: this is a walking parade about 2 miles in total distance.

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