Little KidsLife

We Love Our Littles!

In Little KidsLife, we believe in building a foundation for the next generation and that a child is never too young to experience the joy in believing that God is FUN! Our team strives to provide safe, healthy, fun, and consistent environment for children ages three months through preschool. Our ministry rooms are broken up into specific age groups that allow our team members to teach age-appropriate biblically based lessons. 

In our Infant Room, we accept children 3 months through 18 months of age. Our team members will read bible stories with your baby, sing praise and worship songs, and pray God’s Word over them!

In our Toddler Room, we accept children 18 months through 3 years old. Our team members will engage your child in an age-appropriate visual lesson, read scripture, and facilitate a hands on activity. 

In our Preschool Room we accept children 3 years old through 5 years old. Our team will introduce more of a structured schedule including an objective lesson, praise and worship, a hands on activity, and an “up and moving” activity. 

We also provide an appropriate amount of time for children to play with one another during their time in Little Kidslife. At Grace Life Church we believe in the importance of relationships and value the connections that children make with one another and with our team members during times of free play. 

We look forward to meeting the precious treasure that God has blessed you with!

Alison Stephens
Children’s Coordinator (ages birth to 5 years old)
Grace Life Church

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