Hello Awesome GLC Family and Friends

Once again, we are impacted by scenes of devastation of those
in Puerto Rico from the effects of Hurricane Maria. Nearly 100% of the island
is still without electric and running water. Food is scarce and communication is
extremely limited.

As a US Territory, the 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico
are American citizens. Grace Life Church partners with a church in Puerto Rico,
and recently sent a Missions team there. A number of our GLC members have
family residing there as well.

Once again, we know that our Grace Life Church Family will come through
in a BIG WAY!!!


Donations will begin
to be received on
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th @ our 6pm Service,
and also during our SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES @ 9am and 11am

Donations will also be received during
business hours-- 9am to 4pm throughout the week until further notice.  

Please note: According to our contacts in Puerto Rico,
donations specifically needed now are as follows, so please do not bring other items at this
time--Thanks! All items should be packed in sturdy boxes if possible.

Extension Cords and GFCI Protectors  
Electric cables
Pop-up Canopies
Utility Knives
Work Gloves
Wood Panels
Safety glasses
N-95 Masks
Mosquito repellent
Garbage bags
Dish Soap
Batteries and Flashlights
Cases of bottled water
Non-perishable food items
Powdered and Canned Milk
Feminine products
Hand Sanitizer
First Aid Kits

Please NO clothing or shoes at this time.

Also, if you would like to make a FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION, funds
are greatly needed as well.
Please go to: 
and click on the dropdown box designated as "PUERTO RICO RELIEF" and
we will ensure that those funds get to those in need.  

Thank you for your incredible generosity, and your
willingness to help those in need. 

We know that you will continue to keep these families in your prayers!
We appreciate you!!!!

Many blessings,
Grace Life Church