Our Vision At Gracelife

Learn more about our vision at Gracelife Church.

Our Vision:

God has been so faithful in the past 20 years!  Will you continue to join us for the next 20? The heartbeat of our church is people.  Changed Lives.  Legacies left. Next Generations doing greater things than we have done. We believe in the modern day entrepreneurial spirit working through the church.  It has significant impact it can have on our church, our people, and our community, both spiritually and financially, as we are already seeing through our partnership with Peace Love and Little Donuts, and other ventures we are pursuing… Ice Rink, Smoked Barbeque, and more.  This is Marketplace Ministry.  Working with the community to create successful business that serve the community with excellence and the heart of Jesus, provide tangible employment opportunities to teach and train the youth of today, and create revenue streams for the church that help it achieve its mission to reach the lost at any cost! Want to learn more?  Want to join us on this journey? Connect with us!  More vision, strategies, and plans are coming your way!

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